The same machine can be used to fill several different products

The same machine can be used to fill several different products, such as creams, nail varnish, lip balms and mascaras. "Companies tend to use the same base frame with several different filling stations on it," says Gooch. The exception to this is products like lipsticks, blushers and eye shadows, which require dedicated machines.

Net weigh filling, vacuum filling and flow meter filling all have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision of which one to invest in will depend on what you are filling, but all three will ensure the integrity of your brand is maintained.

Serac has installed one of its Cronos machines at Spanish cosmetics company Laboratorios RTB for oil filling machines soap, shower gel and haircare products sold under the Giorgi and Lida brands.

However, the project was not without its challenges. The Barcelona-based company wanted an extremely versatile filling machines , capable of processing products with varying viscosities and characteristics, in nine different shapes and sizes of container, including rectangular, oval and upside-down. Furthermore, some of the products contain alcohol, which meant the machine had to comply with ATEX standards. The line also had to accommodate eight different cap designs, from screw caps to click-on caps, pumps, sprays and push-pull closures.

Serac says its Cronos linear system has overcome these challenges without losing line speed as it is designed to cope with containers ranging in size from 50-350mm in height and 5-100mm in diameter. The containers can be transferred in adjustable trays which can be quickly adapted to the form and dimensions of each new container.

Machine settings are pre-programmed so that during each changeover, the new product to be filled by filling machines is selected on the touch-screen and the filling nozzle speed and stroke is adjusted automatically. The machine, which complies with ATEX standards, is also designed for easy cleaning, which speeds up changeovers. The bottled water equipment for example, may be moved, cleaned and sterilised without being removed.


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