The products of filling machines like nail varnish

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"A flow meter is basically a tube which takes the flow of the product and works out how much to open and shut," explains Peter Kierans, sales director of Optima Group Pharma UK. "The advantage is it's easy to sterilise and clean in place if you want to change from one product to another."

Optima's Kugler Linoline is a monobloc system equipped with flow meter filling machines for liquid and paste cosmetic applications.

The main limitation of the flow meter filler is that it is not suitable for shampoos and conditioners containing silicon. "You can only fill these with a net weigh water filling machines manufacturer ," says Mayhew. "To use a flow meter, the product has to be conductive and silicon particles don't lend themselves to this."

The filling machines of products like nail varnish, pressed powders and mascara is even more specialist, to the extent where until recently it tended to be done manually because it was too expensive to automate, according to Keith Gooch, managing director of Logic TPS. Now, however, thanks to improvements in machine components, the advent of servo drives and better XY axis movements, it has become easier to design machines for these applications, says Gooch.

Consequently, there are more equipment manufacturers active in this field than in the past. One relative newcomer is Korean firm Woojung, represented in the UK by Logic TPS.

"Woojung has already knocked the German and Italian machinery manufacturers ‘for six' with the price and speed of its machines," he says. "In just under four years it has sold more than 30 lipstick machines at around $300,000 each, using new technology which uses silicon rubber moulds that are cheaper to produce and give a better finish than traditional metal moulds."


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