Volumetric fillers have their place

Volumetric systems
Besides manufacturing net weigh fillers, both Ocme and Serac make volumetric filling machines , although Ocme says it has witnessed a shift away from volumetric fillers towards net weigh fillers. "Volumetric fillers have their place," says Ocme's Mayhew. "They are quite accurate but they are very difficult to clean in comparison with net weigh fillers. Volumetric fillers have a number of seals, whereas with weigh water fillers there are no internal workings apart from a couple of spray balls and a lance, so you can clean the tank very quickly and effectively. This is particularly important today as most companies are frequently changing between products."

This view is backed up by Serac's Vague, who says: "The absence of gaskets, rotary joints and dead corners on rotary net weigh filling machines guarantees perfect hygiene for every product."

The company says its Cronos volumetric linear system, however, is the better option where companies have relatively low output requirements.

French firm Hema, represented in the UK by F Jahn & Co, is another firm that designs rotary fillers and filler-capper monoblocs equipped with either volumetric or net weigh filling. Hema has just launched a new rotary net weigh filling machine called the GW, which is designed to offer cleaner, more accurate and more water filling machines . It features non-drip valves to minimise product loss, as well as smaller-volume tanks, separate from the measuring system, for easy, fast and effective cleaning. GW fillers have already been installed at companies such as L'Oréal, Pierre Fabre, Yves Rocher and Colgate Palmolive.

Flow meters are the other type of filler often used on cosmetic and personal care lines. They have all the advantages of weigh filling machines , in that they have few moving parts, and don't have the complications of load cells.


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